Improv Kids

In October 2019, we had the honor of welcoming improvisation expert Linda Fulton from L.A. She came all the way to Vienna to teach the students of AHS Wien West how to use improvisation to make the most of their learning process.

She made sure to help students from the first and second grades to access knowledge that they didn’t even know was IN their brains!

The best part of the workshops was that the kids did not even realize that they were learning, that Linda was re-wiring and training their brains. Her dedication was unbelievable when it came to the kids. She made sure that every child got some time for talking, and even the „quiet ones“ were flourishing during these games.

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Even though Linda taught ten classes, she used a huge varietey of games so the teachers present could see different methods every time they had the pleasure of observing the class during the workshop.

Since Linda also had some time to introduce the teachers to the games, the faculty benefited, especially from the vocabulary games. They are still used on a regular basis to help the class in learning new words in different ways. Her games offered numerous approaches for different learning types and are applied in order to motivate the class and explain new grammar chapters in a playful way.